Super Deal – Nearly New ADM-EB50-CNC Hybrid

A Multi-Radius 5 axes Heavy Duty / High Speed CENTRELINE-BOOST CNC Mandrel Tube Bending Machine
An ideal machine for bending thin wall: Inconel – Titanium – Stainless steel tube x 1D/clr

Capable of bending tube sizes up to: 50.8mm/od x 5mm/wt x 190degrees x 120″ over mandrel

Purchased originally to bend quality stainless steel tubeular parts for: Harley Davidson Motorcycles in a automatic production cell, see video below.

To minimise setup time and scrap material – All critical axes are ‘Electric’ and controlled via the Phenix CNC Control.

The direct-acting clamp, pressure die and pressure die-assist (follower) are fully closed-loop CNC axes and feature no mechanical screw-adjusters, hydraulic flow controls or manual hydraulic pressure adjusters.

These features are normally associated with modern day more expensive ‘All Electric’ tube bending machines.

Also C/w: Overhead tie bars and automatic lubrication system

C/w: installation, commissioning and operator training

Excellent Condition – Available Immediately

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