Amob 80-NC

A semi-automatic (NC) numerically controlled mandrel tube bending machine

Capable of bending tube sizes up to: 80mm/od x 4mm/wt

C/w: Powerful electric driven bend head,

Hydraulic clamping and Mandrel extraction,

Hydraulic powered pressure die (Push), Flag stops for distance between bends.

PLC angle of bend selector adjustable in increments of: 0.1°,

A small selection of FREE of CHARGE bending tooling.

An ideal machine for bending Cow Cubicles, Balustrading, Handrails, etc comes complete with: FREE of CHARGE tooling to bend tube sizes: 44mm/od and 60.3mm/od x 3.5mm/wt x 250clr

Excellent condition – Available immediately


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