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The compact but also high performance profile bending machine of type ARKUS12® is ideal for use in bending small steel or aluminium profiles where space is restricted. ARKUS12®, combined with an option for reducing the roller distance, allows profiles with the smallest radii (> R35 mm) passing into larger radii to be bent without buckling. The tool mounting diameter is just 40 mm. The roller height is 100 mm and, for certain applications, can be extended on the central shaft to 200 mm.


  • Continuously adjustable front roller distance
  • Min. 256 mm (optional 80 mm!)
  • All 3 rollers driven by powerful, clean and low noise electric motors up to 30 rpm.
  • Bending direction away from operator (reduced risk of accidents)
  • Ergonomic working conditions
  • Movable with lift truck
  • Minimum oil volume 7 litres
  • High-performance control systems
  • Consultation, training and commissioning free of charge in our works
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Swiss quality
  • Lower maintenance costs

Control Systems

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