Transfluid – CNC mandrel tube / pipe bending machines for large diameters

A family of ten large heavy duty tube / pipe bending machines. Capable of bending tube sizes from: 60mm/od up to: 325mm/od Available as a single or multi-stack enabling minimum to No clamp length between bends (clamping on a bend to pull a bend)

Featuring: Centre-line Boost – Powered Follower Slide – Controlled Mandrel Withdrawal – to name just a few.

Quality tight radius bending is possible of thin and thick-walled tubes made of all materials – even with radii of 1.5 times the pipe diameter (and smaller).

Extremely short set-up times (sometimes shorter than 10 minutes) improve flexibility and increase cost-effectiveness.

The machine enables short bending radii with no problem – yet lowest levels of wall thinning. Particularly long durability is a stand-out feature of the very sturdy machine construction. All tube bending machines are supplied with a powerful and fully-automatic CNC control.

High Performance, Profitable Solutions.
We make it easy for you to automate your tube bending department with the very latest CNC technology.

Why we are different… Innovative bespoke solutions – Better built to take the load – Buy with confidence.

Choose a stand-alone machine or a fully automatic production cell. They can work harder, faster, and longer to boost your production and profits!

See what is possible…

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