Transfluid Compact mandrel bending machines

A family of three machines; capable of bending tube sizes from 6mm/od up to: 101.4mm/od

DB642K – DB2060K – DB101K

These attractively priced and compact tube bending machines have full hydraulic control for high performance. We can configure the system with additional features as required (cutting ring pre-assembly, flaring, de-burring, sawing and chamfering)

Compact, powerful yet competitively priced – our fully hydraulic mandrel bending machine features excellent bend quality and the simplest of handling. With electronic bend angle pre-selection, up to 8 bend angles can be preselected digitally (nominal values), displayed continually as actual values, and deactivated.

The requirement of additional devices for cutting ring pre-assembly, flaring, de-burring, hydraulic sawing and chamfering is possible on request.

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