The PAVE 8mm capacity Triform bending system combines both the successful PAVE Variform and the PAVE Zukron technology. Its multi-head forming facility coupled with a retracting centre clamp gives one of the most versatile forming capabilities available today. The system can be supplied in either a straight length or from coil version.


  • Capacity up to 8mm wire diameter and cut lengths of up to 3.5 meters (3.75 meters from coil)
  • Repeatability on bend angle +/-0.1o and +/- 0.1 mm on position
  • Multi-wire forming facility when bending in two dimensions and simple three dimensional capability
  • Fully automatic production
  • Maximum feeder machine load time of 3.0 seconds
  • Maximum tooling change time of 10 minutes (15 minutes with coil material)
  • Both bending heads are independently controllable with 10 speeds of bend, angle and position
  • Wire rotation unit in excess of 360 degree with 10 speed settings.
  • Fast, compact and reliable
  • Fully automatic user-friendly technology requires minimum operator training


Watch the video on this page which shows the simplicity and user-friendly nature of the Pave control.

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