Unison Breeze 311 CNC

A 40mm ‘All Electric’ 11 axis (3 stack) CNC mandrel tube bending machine
Capable of bending tube sizes up to: 40mm/od

C/w: Automatic lubrication system

Reduced time set up time

Pedestal mounted operator control and footswitch


  • Unibend V11 – Windows based PC CNC controls
  • Electric servo driven actions:
  • Bend Action
  • Clamp die
  • Direct acting pressure die
  • Pressure die assist
  • Mandrel extractor
  • Y-Axis carriage travel
  • Z-Axis carriage shift – for multi-radius bending
  • Z-Axis mandrel shift – for multi-radius bending
  • Z-Axis pressure die shift – for multi-radius bending
  • X-Axis mandrel shift
  • X-Axis carriage shift
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Reduced set-up time

Pedestal mounted operator controls and footswitch

Excellent Condition – Available Immediately

A remote Zoom style demonstration can be arranged and is recommended

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